Secondary Network Communications

ETI/Richards has helped utilities automate and monitor thousands of Network Protectors and Network Transformers

  • Communicates with any SCADA.
  • Non-Proprietary.
  • DNP 3.0 protocol in the relay can connect to any existing Wide Area Network.
  • Easy to install.

Renewable-Energy Products

You Can Depend on Richards for Your Renewable-Energy Projects 

  • Richards Manufacturing has been a reliable manufacturer of electrical distribution and transmission products for over 65 years...and we are proud to extend this tradition of dependability to the renewable-energy industry.
  • Our innovative products save time, increase reliability, and save you cost.

Richards Network Protectors

Richards is the Largest Producer Network Protectors and Accessories 

  • All make and model Network Protectors available.
  • 800A to 5200A, 125/216V, 277/480V, 347/600V and other voltages available.
  • We stock an impressive variety of replacement parts.
  • We will work with you to design custom products that meet your needs and solve your problems.

The R-800

Available Exclusively from Richards Manufacturing

  • 600A elbow and 200A tap plug — combined to form this convenient unit!
  • What was once a messy, hit-or-miss installation has been simplified by this innovative design.
  • The R-800 reduces the risk of cross-threading by bypassing the need for installing a 200A tap plug.

The R-Stack

Available Exclusively from Richards Manufacturing

  • The R-Stack interface combines two units into one, eliminating the need for a connecting plug!
  • This combination design reduces the risk of complications during assembly in the field, such as cross threading.
  • Total assembly force is only 25 lbs., as opposed to the 100 lb. force required to install with a standard connecting plug.
  • Reduces the stack height 4” for every two elbows (a 20% reduction).

Electric Products

Overhead and Underground Distribution Products that Reflect Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence

  • Utility and industrial products for overhead and underground transmission and distribution.
  • A wide selection of standard electrical products, reflecting many years of engineering and manufacturing excellence.
  • Flexibility: non-standard and specialty products are often designed, manufactured and tested to meet our customers' requirements.

Trust Richards Manufacturing for all your utility needs.

Richards has proudly served the utility industry since 1945, earning the respect of customers and competitors alike.

To have remained successful after all these years, in a demanding and competitive industry, is no simple task. It takes a lot of hard work, starting with our CEO, who oversees operations everyday…and finishing with the individuals on the production lines, who carefully craft every Richards product. They all share one common focus: satisfying the needs of you, our customer. You want reliability — we manufacture top-quality products that exceed your expectations. You want flexibility — Richards designs, manufactures, and tests many non-standard and specialty products to meet our customers' requirements. Most of all, you want a trusted partner and you can always rely on Richards to assist you with any problem or emergency in the field.